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Windows tips & tricks

2021-11-11, U: 2022-06-21

Although I've used Debian as my daily driver for five years, after purchasing a new laptop I was too afraid (driver issues? battery life issues?) to install Linux so I'm stuck with Windows 10.
Here is a list of programs, settings and other things that I found useful.


Firefox - web browser
Bandizip - compressing and extracting
VLC - viewing video and audio
Sumatra PDF - viewing PDFs
StrokeIt - add mouse right click gestures
VsCode - I tried SublimeText and Atom but VSCode seems to be the best


Search for those terms in the Settings app:

Let me use a different input method for each app window: use ENG keyboard layout for coding writing code but LIT for chatting.

Touchpad settings: set custom actions for three and four-finger gestures. Also set Scrolling direction.

Right click on the Taskbar and hide Search and People buttons. Then open Taskbar settings and select Combine taskbar buttons: Never

Tweaking keyboard keys

KeyTweak allows you to remap any keyboard key to any other. For example, I have a UK keyboard with smaller Right Shift key and a slash key between it and Z. I can remap that slash into Right Shift and use keyboard as I'm used to.

Other tricks

Middle click on already open app in taskbar to open new window.


Debload Windows

Move user home folder to another drive