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Windows tips & tricks


Although I'd used Debian as my daily driver for five years, after purchasing a new laptop I was too afraid to install Linux so I'm stuck with Windows 10.
Here is a list of programs, settings and other things that I found useful.


Firefox - web browser
Bandizip - compressing and extracting
VLC - viewing video and audio
Sumatra PDF - viewing PDFs
StrokeIt - add mouse right click gestures
VsCode - I tried SublimeText and Atom but VSCode seems to be the best


Search for those terms in the Settings app:

Let me use a different input method for each app window: use ENG keyboard layout for coding writing code but LIT for chatting.

Touchpad settings: set custom actions for three and four-finger gestures. Also set Scrolling direction.

Right click on the Taskbar and hide Search and People buttons. Then open Taskbar settings and select Combine taskbar buttons: Never

Tweaking keyboard keys

KeyTweak allows you to remap any keyboard key to any other. For example, I have a UK keyboard with smaller Right Shift key and a slash key between it and Z. I can remap that slash into Right Shift and use keyboard as I'm used to.

Other tricks

Middle click on already open app in taskbar to open new window.